Wed, Mar. 4, 2020 ⁄ 7:00–8:30pm

A Conversation with Larry Krasner and Ryan Hancock

A Conversation with Larry Krasner and Ryan Hancock
@Moon Palace Books 
3032 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406
March 4th – 7pm


When Larry Krasner ran to be District Attorney of Philadelphia his goal was to win a seat so that he might help transform a local justice system in favor of those at the bottom, those often overlooked, undervalued, and overcharged. His campaign was an attempt towards manifesting a fair and effective criminal justice system which makes us all safer. He won. And now the challenge is to continue that momentum and those desires. And so, it’s important to ask, what does a “from below” campaign to dismantle the entanglements of an unjust system look like, and if you win, how do you maintain the elements that got you into power so that the strength of the campaign – people’s power – doesn’t begin to emulate the same hierarchies that your campaign fought against to begin with? To do so takes an element of social craft. An artfulness in illustrating the lives of others, as well as maintaining social tools that amplify and authenticate those often unheard voices.

Polis is a new “expanded publication,” published by Tools in Common, that looks at just these types of actions and scenarios; where artfulness and political engagement coalesce into spaces of shared questioning. Actions that ask us to consider how we live with one another and how, through recognition and dialogue, we might live with one another moving forward into a cooperative future.

Please join us for a public conversation to be featured in the upcoming inaugural issue of Polis with Larry Krasner (District Attorney for the city of Philadelphia), Ryan Hancock (Raconteur and Surrogate on the Kranser campaign, Civil Rights and Labor Lawyer and co-founder of the Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equity), and Sam Gould (artist, author, and co-editor of Polis).

A good day in MPLS.

Wed, Jan. 30, 2019 ⁄ 6:45–9:45pm

Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans), PV Glob, Jonathan Zorn


Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans), PV Glob, Jonathan Zorn


Another excursion behind the curtain to the other side of sound with the as-yet-to-be-named series.

Joining us at Assembly (2854 Columbus Ave S. MPLS, MN 55047) this evening will be long time friend and close collaborator, Gabriel Saloman. A Santa Cruz, California based musician and artist, Saloman has been performing experimental, conceptual and freely improvised music for over 15 years. He is best known for his work as half of Yellow Swans and currently composes and performs solo as GMS and Sade Sade. He also collaborates with Aja Rose Bond under the name Diadem and with MRed as Chambers.

PV Glob

PV Glob, aka Matt Wacker, will conjure wild exploration of off the map somethings are proven to be mind bending and cathartic.

Jonathan Zorn

Jonathan Zorn is a composer, performer, and curator of experimental, electronic, and improvised music. His electronic music pairs improvising musicians with interactive computer systems to create hybrid, human-machine ensembles. Zorn’s interest in vocal utterance has resulted in a series of pieces in which spoken language is interrupted by electronic forces, drawing attention to the gap between speech and sound. He is currently working on a suite of electroacoustic sound/text/video performance pieces. Zorn has been active as an improvisor on bass and electronics for 15 years and has performed at Red Cat, the Walker Art Center, the Verona Jazz Festival, the Library of Congress, the Seattle Festival of Improvised Music, Line Space Line Festival, and the Chelsea Art Museum. He has performed under the direction of Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier, and Alison Knowles. His work has been published in Ord und Bild, the SEAMUS Journal, Notations 21, and UbuWeb.

Suggested Donations $10 – 20 (No one will be turned away for lack of funds)