All three Society Editions editors in one room, along with new poetry mascot, Harrison, who at seven weeks old already says, “you all are a bore.”

Louis is like, “What the hell?! Marlon fell asleep right in the middle of my explaining Pokémon to him!!”


For a while now, ever since the one-night only potluck restaurant that Dylan Gauthier and I – as Red76 – organized after Hurricane Sandy helped resurrect and reimagine Sunview Luncheonette, I’ve been fixated on “crisis logic” and its habits. But it wasn’t until this spring that I came upon a suitable enough analog to that logic for me to really write about it. I still don’t know exactly how this is supposed to take shape. But, rather than writing a long essay, or think about it as a book, with all its calls for beginnings and ends, I’ve decided to simply get going. I’ll be intermittently releasing these “letters” around the theme of Crisis Logic & the Reader for a while to come. I’ve already got more written, which will come out soon. And, as I think we may have plenty of source material ahead of us who knows when this might end.  – Sam

In gods name, why are we even thinking of trying this? 



Just finished the covers for Doug Milliken’s One Thousand Owls Behind Your Chest. Our good friends over at Publication Studio – Hudson (which paradoxically now happens to reside in Troy, NY) will be handling the interiors and hand-delivering the finished books to the release at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME on Dec. 15th. And we’ll have copies here at the shop as well.