This guy’s gonna be at the shop from noon – 3 every Wednesday for the time being. Very excited for the trouble we’ll all cause together.

Okay, it’s 5:30pm… if you need me I will be across the way drinking a beer at Eastlake. static1.squarespace

My Hall & Oates playing seems to have inspired more H & O jams, as well as Michael McDonald era Doobie Bros. spinning throughout the Midtown Global Market. I am okay with this turn of events.


We love this idea, though sadly, in Minnesota, you’d need some seriously rich anarchists to fix all our potholes.

Fiona came in yesterday and we made this poster from an illustration of hers, then we went around a bit to do some postering. Enigmatic and all seeing, we both felt it was a good vibe to be putting out into the world on International Women’s Day.