Journal of Radical Shimming (Nº 14)

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A massive issue of Red76’s Journal of Radical Shimming, Nº14 in the series focuses on ideas around histories of public and private space, publics and their possibilities, and the role within this mix of “spaces of recognition” as a tool for highlighting the distance between seemingly disparate groupings towards previously under recognized common goals.

Ranging across decades, this issue highlights personal histories of frequent JRS contributors such as Dan S. Wang, Matthew Stadler, Sam Gould, and Gabriel Saloman, jumping from Seattle’s WTO protests, to shared experiences of the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall St. and more.


Red76’s Journal of Radical Shimming was founded as the print-arm of their two year long project Revolutionary Spirit in 2007. Upon completion of Revolutionary Spirit the group decided they liked the JRS so much that they wanted to keep it around.

As a tactical device Red76 make all copies of the JRS available for free so that they might move easily and quickly around; given hand-to-hand, left on doorsteps and the seats of subways alike. Beyond Repair will sell the last remaining copies of any issues still remaining in the Red76 archives as a means to benefit continuing programs at the shop.