Thu, Sep. 30, 2021 ⁄ 7:00–9:00pm

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Please join us for the first screening within Infra(Structures), a new series of social documentaries screening for free at Confluence Studio’s Autonomous Mobile Media Unit, and organized by filmmakers Brett Story & and Morgan Adamson, and artist and Confluence lead-editor, Sam Gould.
About Break & Enter:
Break and Enter/ Rompiendo Puertas (Newsreel #62)
In 1970, several hundred Puerto Rican and Dominican families reclaimed housing left vacant by the city. They pulled the boards off the doors, cleaned and repaired the buildings and moved in. BREAK AND ENTER documents the activist work of Operation Move-In and the city’s attempts to displaced the families. This film offers a militant vision of gaining community control of housing and allows us to glimpse a different future that imagines residential autonomy beyond the gentrified city.
Series Information:
• All screenings take place outdoors at Confluence Studio’s AMMU (Autonomous Mobile Media Unit) located in the courtyard of 3032 Minnehaha Ave. adjacent to the 3rd Precinct and Moon Palace Books.
• All screenings are free and open to the public.
• Screenings start at 7pm
• It may get a little cold after the sun goes down, so please dress appropriately.
• Seating is limited, so bring a camping chair or blanket, and anything else that makes you comfortable.
About Infra(Structures):
Starting this September, Infra(Structures): A Social Documentary Film Series will be hosting a handful of films and filmmakers whose work creates spaces of interpretation, critique, communing, and hopefully, cooperative creation towards a common good. The program is interested in asking urgent and critical questions about “infrastructure” – the material and social world we have constructed for ourselves, its interconnection, its contradictions, its power, potential, and pitfalls. These works ask: How is space used and organized, what connections are enabled and/or disrupted, where do resources go and who benefits?
Living in a neighborhood experiencing impending radical transformation, we look to filmmakers considering the past and present of how small groups in the midst of big ideas with very real consequences grappled with their relationship to power and infrastructure. The prison industrial complex, housing and public health, conflict and the necessities of the democratic landscape, the films in the series ask us to considering the visible and invisible infrastructures that create the worlds we call home and, through a variety of means and experiments, how we might transform these material and social infrastructures for the benefit of the whole.
Documentary is also an infrastructure – a reflection of the political ecology we live in but also a way of making space – space for gathering, for reflection, for discussion, and for sharing. We offer a series of films which not only allow us to see ourselves, anew, but give a pretext for imagining, together, what kind of infrastructures we need and want to live, thrive, and be free.
Series Organizers: Brett Story, Morgan Adamson, & Sam Gould