IMG_2642Beyond Repair is an artist project aimed at promoting the idea of publication in an expanded sense, allowing one to move well beyond the notion of a publication as simply a book or newspaper. Rather than engaging publication like an object, a noun, Beyond Repair sees publication as a verb, an action.

The shop provides tools and processes to shine a spotlight on neighbor-to-neighbor questioning and cooperation. In our line of thinking publication is the act of public-making.
This means that a publication could be anything from a book, to a parade, to a protest; any action that illustrates the divide between people, and hopefully in turn, serves as a means towards making that divide visible. Publication attempts to create a space of recognition that could act as a bridge, a common pathway, between subjectivity and other landscapes of experience.
Each month we support a Public-Maker in Residence at Beyond Repair. Whether artist, activist, poet, or socially engaged neighbor, the 9th Ward Publication Residency Program provides space, tools, and context for 9th Ward neighbors (and Twin Cities residents interested in engaging work that directly relates to the ward itself) an opportunity to grow a public around an idea.
While in residence through 9W / PRP residents have access to our space within the Midtown Global Market to host gatherings related to their interests, as well as full use of our printing and binding tools, such as a high speed duplex printer, Risograph machine, booklet maker, perfect binder, and more. While we can only offer space and tools at this time we are working towards providing a stipend in the near future (stay tuned).
The only requirement of 9W / PRP residents is that, during their residency, an attempt is made to engage a public around some idea that is meaningful to the resident. Apart from that everything is up in the air.
If you would like to apply for a residency, please get in touch with us at

Please provide the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • What you might like to engage within your time as a 9W / PRP resident
  • Interests and how you see them coinciding with the goals of Beyond Repair
  • A small sampling of links that might help illustrate your ideas and work, past or future