Fri, Feb. 12, 2021 ⁄ 11:00am–12:15pm



Workshop #2 – Invisible City: The Psychology of Place – Discussion begins @  11am / Friday, February 12th

Each social landscape is embedded with its own unique, ever changing, psychological elements. The city, its dense and frenetic nature, creates a space of swirling social transformations where each day represents new possibilities of living in proximity. Time, as with everything, has its effects, and attitudes change. These changing attitudes find form in the urban landscape through our interactions as well as the structures we build and vice versa.

For our second workshop in the Mt. Analogue class Fate is Kind: Abstraction and Patterning in a Life with Others we will be joined in conversation by Jennifer Newsom, architect (Dream the Combine) and professor of architecture at the University of Minnesota to discuss the ways that artists can help illustrate these social flows and patterns, their forms and attitudes.

As always we will seed, as well as continue, our conversation through Social Margins, the Confluence social annotation platform; “an assembly in text.”

An excerpt from the Situationist International Reader