Fri, Feb. 5, 2021 ⁄ 3:09am–12:15pm

Workshop #1 – Cities and Memory: Monuments, Publics, and the Conflicts of History
Discussion Begins @
11:10am / Friday Feb. 5th

How do we memorialize historical events, most especially when those events are not singular, linear, or even history for many, but continuous living arrangements that are yet to recognize any sense of finality or definitive social transformation? For the first workshop discussion in Fate is Kind: Abstraction & Patterning in a Life with Others Powderhorn neighbor and artist Xavier Tavera will join our discussion as we think through the role of monuments and memorials, the events of the MPLS Uprising, and the manner by which monuments as historical markers act as specific objects which can record, obscure, empower, and / or manipulate People’s History. 

In parallel with our discussion we will begin our series of social annotations, continuations of our conversations using the online software Hypothesis to create an “assembly in text” concerning our present conditions as 9th Ward neighbors, those conditions larger meanings and connections, as well as considerations for ways to transform those conditions for the better by looking more broadly at how they relate across time, place, and experience.


We will be reading two essays in parallel with our discussion, wherein our collective notes will be part of Social Margins: An Assembly in Text, Confluence’s collective annotation platform.

Ágnes Erőss – Living Memorial and Frozen Monuments: The Role of Social Practice in Memorial Sites