Sun, Nov. 19, 2017 ⁄ 2:00–3:30pm
Everyday the thought becomes clearer and more urgent: we need a new way of doing politics, not just new politicians. That’s why you should join us at Assembly, the new space for local gatherings that strive to create realizable political alternatives.
We have lots of ideas for activities for this assembly. We will be distributing, reading and discussing Lumpen Magazine issue 130  (Chicago): The Municipalism Issue, a primer on international activities and activism around municipalism, especially focused on activities here in the US. In attendance will be a few locals who were involved in writing and organizing the issue. In addition, we’ll have updates about the Catalonian independence movement and the municipalists’ role in it, and news about upcoming lectures, gatherings and other activities around municipalist capacity building here in the Twin Cities.
We need a new way of doing politics, not just new politicians:
A politics that is really by and for the people.
A politics that works to combat economic inequality.
A politics that works for the common good.
A feminized politics, driven by collective intelligence and concrete action.
A politics with racial justice at its heart.
A participatory politics, where people have power more than once every four years.
An open source, flexible politics, that can be adapted to the contexts of our big cities and our rural communities.
An ethical politics, with zero tolerance for corruption and cronyism.