Sun, Jan. 15, 2017 ⁄ 12:00–4:00pm



Organized by: Crystal Quinn, Alexa Horochowski, & Beyond Repair

Based on inherent feeling towards what is and what exists around us, the battle against this patriarchal culture, is inherently female.

Around the rallying cry “Anarchy is Female” all are invited to come together for a printing event and skill / knowledge / experience share. Throughout the day we will be printing multiple different Anarchy is Female designs to be used for the inauguration protests within the city and throughout the US, including the Million Women’s March in D.C.


Matchbook Club:

As a quick reaction to the recent electoral let down, a group of female artists have come together to create. Started out as a “book club”, they quickly shifted into a loving and creative space to discuss and create. For this event, the Matchbook Club will have matchbooks for take-away, as well as a handful of posters that respond to harassment in a non-violent way. Words are our friends. We have to start somewhere and we have to keep moving.

Make Flag / Burn Flag:

Many citizens are feeling disillusionment, anger, and frustration after an ugly election where expressions of xenophobia, racism and misogyny flared and threaten to become normalized. Burning a flag is considered “symbolic speech” and protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In conjunction with the exhibition “BLEED & BURN ” Alexa Horochowski invites participants to make their own, small flags with personalized statements, to be burned independently.

The Exhibition, “BLEED & BURN,” is on view at The Soap Factory, January 14-21, 2017.


All are invited to utilize the space in and around Beyond Repair to consider and convene their ideas on creative resistance to misogyny and patriarchy.