Fri, Sep. 2, 2016 ⁄ 7:00–8:00pm


Drummer’s coming to town!! We’re so excited to be hosting a performance on the Greenway with our old friend, Lisa Schonberg and her new duo – with Anthony Brisson – Coordination.

They’re written out a percussion score, which they’ll perform on the Greenway. The printed score will be available at the shop.


Here’s some info on them…

Coordination is the Portland-based duo of  Anthony Brisson (Psychomagic) and Lisa Schonberg (Secret Drum Band, Kickball). Together they craft performances that include aspects of noise, improvisation, and pop, using synthesizers, guitars, samples and drums.
For this performance, they drafted a graphic score based on the motions and emotions of a day of work, and then composed the music accordingly. Beyond Repair will be printing these scores, which will be available at the performance.