Solitary Walker Series Nº1: Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties

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The first title within the Solitary Walker series*, Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties lays out Brecht’s considerations of writing, and public pronouncement, in the midst of social crisis.

“It takes little courage to mutter a general complaint, in a part of the world where complaining is still permitted, about the wickedness of the world and the triumph of barbarism, or to cry boldly that the victory of the human spirit is assured. There are many who pretend that cannons are aimed at them when in reality they are the target merely of opera glasses. They shout their generalized demands to a world of friends and harmless persons.”

Written in 1935, at the height of the ascension of Hitler and the Nazi Party, Writing the Truth – especially as the line between social speech and publication bleed more and more fluidly into one another – is a dramatic tool delivered to us from a increasingly familiar past.



* The Solitary Walker pocket-sized book series takes old texts which readers would gain much from re-investigating in present times. Printed in smart, saddle-stitched, editions which easily fit within ones shirt pocket, Solitary Walker titles are economically priced, built for travel and immediacy.