We Believe in Infinite Intelligence

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“This is a little of what I’ve learned through talking to Spiritualists, researching the religion, looking at it through art, and practicing mediumship and healing. I’m also interested in the religion and its relationship with photography–both grew up around the same time (March 31, 1848 is the official anniversary of Modern Spiritualism), and photography is recognized as officially starting on January 7, 1839.
It feels good to be connected to a history of a religion that has been feminist and anti-racist from the start. It’s definitely helped me through weird times in my life, taught me to be more grateful, and to trust myself and not let myself doubt the religion, myself, my art. This is a huge topic, and I’ve obviously only covered some of what interests me about the religion, and I include the frauds with the genuine believers and practitioners, but that’s all of what goes into a history.” from the introduction to We Believe in Infinite Intelligence: A 21c Guide to Spiritualism


We’re super excited to be publishing South MPLS Society Librarian, and resident Beyond Repair Spiritualist and weirdo, Lacey Prpic Hedtke’s new – and quite hefty booklet – We Believe in Infinite Intelligence. It’s Lacey’s own personal guide to Spiritualism here, in the 21st c, all coming from her own long engaged experiences with the practice.

Along with useful histories and tools, the booklet comes with amazing Risograph printed 19th c Spiritualist photographs, such as this sampling…


As well as this amazing repeating pattern on the interior cover. Stellar work! And a great guide for all of us out there who are certain we are not alone in all of this mess.