The Social Practice That is Race

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“Because Social Practice discourse (and, now, instruction) frequently lets itself stand defined in relation to one formal quality, namely “participation,” and attempts to install participation with a measure of value (aesthetic, economic, and social) while ignoring other aspects, to me Social Practice perversely tends to de-politicize works. What intersectionality may occur, then, will be less about intersectional insights than the aesthetics of mixing, ie the visible beauty of a diverse pool of participants.”

from The Social Practice That is Race

An essay in conversation form, The Social Practice That is Race finds radical printer, critical thinker, and long-time Red76 collaborator, Dan S. Wang and educator / performer, Anthony Romero unpacking the contradictions and complications of race, identity, power, and solidarity within the framework of “social practice art.” A timely and vital conversation as this strain of working becomes more consistantly embedded and institutionalized, moving further away from its, arguably, critical and sociopolitical grassroots.

This text was conceived in parallel with the symposium In/Out: Ethics, Attention, and Intention in Socially Engaged Art, organized by Daniel Tucker at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, and finds its release, again in conversation, between Wang and Romero Friday evening, July 22nd 2016.