The Process of the Field in New Cross

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Edited by Field members Toby Austin Locke, Paolo Plotegher, & Rosanna Thompson, The Process of The Field in New Cross demonstrates the story of the Field collective from its founding energy around 2014 to the time of the book’s editing in early 2016 through the voices and interactions of members of The Field at its inception.

“The Field was purposefully researching ways to utilise critical theory and creative work for political ends. That is, the Field wanted nothing to do with the speculative cultural economy and the art world.”

The Process of the Field in New Cross provides documents of some of the tensions, hopes, exchanges, achievements and processes this group had through its founding as both the Field and the New Cross Commoners, as a “not-art” community activist space.

It is co-edited by three of its members who pull from emails, group-process documents, and an image archive– and shows among other things the tensions between the body and spirit of running an idealistic project in the heart of a brutal neo-liberal city. Its most near neo-liberal shadow is Goldsmiths, away from which, it seeks a path informed by post-Occupy practice.

A free PDF of this title can be downloaded here.

The Process of the Field in New Cross is the first title within a new serialized imprint, Canary Press, developed by Tools in Common and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.

Note* Production of this title will begin after July 1st, 2019

About Canary Press:

A collaboration of  Tools in Common and the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, Canary Press is a series of  books, most often by individual or expressly collective authors, from across political and creative spectrums. It desires to fertilize the resistant joy and creative depth of the radical freak-o-system.