Selections from Journal of Radical Shimming Nº1: Utopia is No Place

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“So let’s reject the model of resistance that depends upon removal and go back to your idea that the counter-culture is really part of the overall culture yet opens up an educational space. And I want to return to Utopia. At first read, Utopia is a clear example of an idea of removal: it is, again, no place. But then again, as critics have long pointed out, it’s not. Each Utopia conjured up bears a direct relationship to the world of its dreamer.” from Utopia is No Place; Selections from the Journal of Radical Shimming Nº1

The first in a series of selections from Journal of Radical Shimming, Red76’s long running publication project, focuses on the role of utopian thinking as a social device. Moving away from long held hippie dreams or pessimistic considerations of ineffectualness, Utopia is No Place – a conversation between author and activist Stephen Duncombe and Red76 editor Sam Gould – argues for utopian thought to be engaged as a readymade political strategy, a pragmatic and nimble tool by which one can arrive at new found meanings and allegiances previously un-dreamed of.