Ceremony of Us: Bodies, Movement, Encounter, Power

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“The romance we hear about 1967’s Summer of Love, it was an actual thing. It followed Acid Tests, love-ins, be-ins, drop-outs, FREE, and be-now. It’s impossible for me to detangle a scene of chemically altered psychological states, where normal forms of language and meaning are re-imagined into forms of extended life-play (to use a historically appropriate term of the SF Diggers) in the Haight from the world of “fine art” happenings taking place in New York City. It should be clear that art is about getting beyond yourself. To the publicly held and the individually initiated, counterculture-LSD and rock ‘n roll were a primary catalyst for the expansion of social movement: declensions from the everyday of square society.”

Delving into social histories, as well as his own familial and artistic activities and experiences, Ceremony of Us collects a small, but powerful, handful of artist / writer / editor Robby Herbst’s essays on the use of dance, movement, and play within the social landscape and how these forms help us understand power and how it is encountered.


The first in our new Arrow Editions series of small collections of essays at the bleeding edge of the “art world” and dead center within the dialogues around critical spacial practice, Ceremony of Us celebrates human movement; body, mind, and spirit.

– about the author –

Robby Herbst is an interdisciplinary artist, and critical writer. He develops large and small platforms that engage creatively with forms of dissidence. Politics, language, ideology: the ways it manifests in bodies as expression, movement, history, and action.

He is a founding co-editor of the Journal of Asethetics and Protest, and is the lead organizer of Llano Del Rio Collective. He and his family live in Los Angeles, CA.