The Ross Art Museum asked Sam to contribute a project in response to the election which will begin in time for the Inauguration and run for six months. Keeping with Beyond Repair’s desire for a “deep local” practice, any projects that happens outside the 9th Ward needs to be, in some fashion, reciprocal, providing a meaningful exchange with the work going on at the shop and in the neighborhood.

With these desires in mind we’ve developed, in collaboration with Derek Maxwell and Public Address, W R/L F/R Radio, a networked radio project that builds its programming off the phrase “With Radical Love & Fierce Resistance.” Taking all interpretations of that phrase into account – from discussions on creative direct action, such as this beautiful moment from yesterday’s hearing on the appointment of Jeff Sessions’ for Attorney General to deep cuts of Alice Coltrane – W R/L F/R Radio provides a holistic and critical space for ideas and people to meet. Available streaming online, as well as broadcast over FM anywhere anyone would like to set up their own transmitter, W R/L F/R Radio existing in the ether, and is reflected on the ground, manifesting in broadcasts which broaden a social landscape of solidarity, support, and transformation, node by node, across the USA.

The images below will welcome guests into the Ross Art Museum as window decals, and a flag, which will be displayed directly outside the museum’s entrance.

Over the course of the installation students, teachers, staff, and locals are invited to submit program suggestions to be broadcast on W R/L F/R Radio.

Clock Hands SignalPhraseFlag Final