Sat, Oct. 1, 2016 ⁄ 12:00–2:00pm


Please join us at Beyond Repair at 12 PM on Saturday, October 1, 2016, for a release event featuring the Wooden Leg Press reprint of Dan S. Wang’s memoir-essay about Paul Wellstone.
The text was originally written as a letter to a friend, an attempt to describe what he had learned from Paul Wellstone in the classroom. It turned into an essay about political power, political science as experimentation, and the expansive vision of political action that Paul Wellstone embodied.
What did you learn from Paul Wellstone? Were you a student of his? Did you work in his office or for his campaign? Did you know him only through the media? Were you too young to remember much about him?
Join artist, writer, printer, and former student of Paul Wellstone’s, Dan S. Wang for a low key afternoon of conversations of political education in general, and Wang’s in specific as it regards to his understand of Wellstone’s teaching.