Morgan Adamson just left. She stopped over to chat because we’re talking about producing some publications, talks, and whatnot around the histories, writings, and thought from past publication / network ideas such as Radical Software and Guerrilla Television, among others.
One idea which we considered was a primer of the writings within RS of the network theorist, Paul Ryan.

Everyone is now talking about networks . It seems we need to avoid the “massive encompassing one” or “the one” that would destroy autonomy . If you begin at a particular point with an expertise (Lloyd Kahn and doming) you should work towards orienting your network around that existing interest. (Paul Ryan; Towards an Information Economy: RS Vol. 3 Fall 1971)

Ryan’s interest and ideas around networks is particular interesting to me in that, similarly to how one might think about publication in an expanded form, it subsumes media in favor of method, looking at HOW we move information and desire around, and with WHO, instead of favoring the tools we use, the WHAT.
I’m very excited to bring these ideas – and individuals who played a part in energizing them at the time of inception within Minneapolis – into the larger, growing conversation here at the shop.